• Give A Hand To The Forgotten
    Let's Get Petty
    Including rural Americans, 41 million people in the US struggle with hunger,
    a number nearly equal to the 40.6 million officially living in poverty.
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    Let's Get Petty
    Only 29 percent of students in higher education are from rural areas.
    Dont allow our brightest minds to be left behind.
  • Let's Get Petty
    For A Better Future
    Help us continue to partner with communities in order to help families in rural
    America acquire the tools and services that they need in order to thrive.

Donate Food

Join us to help eradicate food scarcity in rural America. Together we can feed our forgotten families. Nobody deserves to be hungry. Rural America needs your voice.

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Donate Clothes

Do you have a pair of pants that you never actually fit into? Come and donate those and your gently used clothes to help clothe rural America.

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Help Mentor

Don’t waste time sitting around bored. We have a solution to your problem. Come and become a mentor and advocate for rural America.

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Welcome to The Family

Welcome to The Bridge Over The Valley Family. Together, we stand for the voice of our forgotten in rural America. We offer social services assistance, mentorship, education and economic development. Together we can help them to build solid futures.

Become a Volunteer

Have a few extra minutes? Your time is too valuable to waste. Come and join us to make a difference in the lives of those in rural America.

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Join A Movement

Come To An Event

Garden Roundtable

  • October 3, 2018 |
  • South Georgia

Come and enjoy the great splendor of fresh fruits and vegetables from our community gardens.

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JusMove Roundtable

  • October 1, 2018 |
  • North Georgia

Exercise in any form is better than none. Let’s JusMove for rural America one step at a time.

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Helping Opportunities

Finding a great “helping opportunity” is a huge part in becoming a better person. Join us at The Bridge Over The Valley, as we continue to blend minutes into impactful moments that change people’s lives forever.

Help With Housing Services

If you have a company, service or information that benefits the home owners of rural America, let us know. We can always use a hand.

  • Goal: $25,000
18 Services
Help With Food Services

If you have any canned, boxed, frozen/refrigerated or cooked meals, there is always a neighbor that can use a bite in rural America.

  • Goal: $10,00
12 Services
Help With Clothing Services

Are your clothes from last year still too tight? Let your neighbors in rural America put use to clothes that you have outgrown or unworn.

  • Goal: $30,000
14 Services

How Can We Help?

Extra food? Help us eradicate food scarcity in rural America.

Donate Food

Extra time? Donate as little as 15 minutes to help a neighbor.


Still haven’t worn those clothes? Donate clothes to a deserving friend.

Donate Clothes

Want to make a difference? Become a mentor to a family or individual.

Become A Mentor

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National Branches

Join The Movement

In today’s political climate, programs that benefit rural Americans have been eliminated. However, their needs remain. Join us at The Bridge Over The Valley as we continue to lend a helping hand.

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