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    The goal of The Bridge Over The Valley Aging Services is to help create social structures, roles, and institutions to add life to the years of our seniors. Adults 60 and older are now the fastest growing demographic in the US. Within the last 100 years, life expectancy increased by approximately 30 years. Centennials have become common place. It’s not so unusual to drive past an 80 year old jogger or get lapped by a 90 year old swimmer. As we continue to work with other nonprofit partners—we are continuously working to build programs to aid in housing, food, medical, recreational and employment assistance.

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Bridge Over The Valley

The Bridge Over The Valley :: Aging Services

The Bridge Over The Valley helps rural American seniors by proving services that aid in the assistance of healthier mental and physical lives. We realize that it is critical to carve out and provide roles for today’s new seniors. In addition to the health related needs, today’s seniors need mental stimulation. We are working to build a better future for our seniors where they are welcome as contributors of our new world. Finding employment and enjoyable recreational activities is a huge part of staying active. The programs at The Bridge Over The Valley Aging Services are forcing us to redefine what it means to become a senior in rural America.

I need to let you know what an incredible asset the Bridge Over The Valley is. We would not be able to feel comfortable living so far away from my grandparents without them. The volunteer staff here is incredible an informative. My Dad died a few years ago and he had no siblings. Although my grandmother is mobile, there are things that she doesn’t do as well as she used to. I have one more year left on a contract before I am able to move back to Georgia. We didn’t want to uproot my Grandmother. The Bridge Over The Valley provides a helping hand to my Grandmother and informs her about services that are available to her that we would not know about without them. My family and I are just so grateful for all of their genuine kindness and generosity.

Meghan Thomas The Bridge Over The Valley Extended Family

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