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    We strengthen the communities of rural America. The goal of The Bridge Over The Valley is to provide education to empower new mothers in rural America to create the lives that they desire for them and their children. Understanding the need for mothers to get support, we created The Bridge Over The Valley New Mothers program to be a consistent form of support. New mothers are encouraged to sit in on a meeting or dive right in and share. We also offer outside counseling referrals for those that have experienced trauma from past relationships. In addition, our partners offer a plethora of other services to assist new mothers be their best for themselves and their new baby.

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The Bridge Over The Valley :: New Mothers

We recognize that raising a child is the hardest job there is and most likely will be. There are factors that support creating a healthy home, however many times new mothers are not quite ready to forge it alone. We strive is to continue to offer support services to new mothers that help make the transition as smooth as possible. As a parent, you are the greatest influencer in your child’s life. Regardless if you have six school-aged kids or you are a first-time parent, as a new mother, that responsibility can feel overwhelming at times. Life is complicated enough, we know that new mothers can use a little help. The New Mothers program offered by The Bridge Over The Valley helps new mothers in rural America deal with everything from finding a good doctor to finding resources for food, sitters and clothing. Regardless of the need, The Bridge Over The Valley is here to support the new mothers of rural America.

I can’t stop talking about my experience with the Bridge Over The Valley. The program gave me a new perspective on motherhood. The resources available were far more than I anticipated. I suffered from postpartum. The support system there helped me find my way through and understand that it was a real condition. I would recommend joining this group to any new mom not just in rural areas. You would be surprised at how beneficial these groups have been to me. Thank you all for being there for us.

Erika Dyers The Bridge Over The Valley Extended Family

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